FSU joins break-out 2022 OT Leyton Nelson’s list of suitors

2022 offensive tackle Leyton Nelson has seen his recruitment begin to explode during the first month and a half of the new year. He’s picked up at least 17 offers since late January and they’ve been coming in at such a furious pace that he’s having trouble keeping up.

“It’s definitely exciting but I just want to keep working and keep getting better,” Nelson said. “I just want to keep playing and working at what I need to work on. I’ve been researching every college, almost every day I’ve been getting a new offer. It’s hard to keep up. I’ve been looking up depth charts, the programs, academics, facilities, locations, all of that. It just takes a long time to do so I haven’t focused on a top list or anything yet.”

One of the latest teams to join his offer sheet is Florida State, which officially extended him a scholarship last week. Nelson says that head coach Mike Norvell called to give him the good news.

“It was coach Norvell [who offered],” Nelson said. “That was kind of cool, getting to talk with him and getting the offer. Everyone was pretty excited because FSU is a big school here in Florida.”

It’s in-state,” Nelson continued. “I think it’s a young program that might be a pretty good team in the future with what the staff is doing.”

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The Boone High School product grew up with talented defensive lineman Shambre Jackson, who signed with Florida State in December as a member of #Tribe21. They played in pop warner together and have spent the past couple of seasons battling it out on the practice field.

“I grew up with him [Shambre Jackson],” Nelson said. “We played pop warner together so we’ve known each other for a while. He kinda blew up and is a big guy at school. He always appreciated me for playing hard football and practicing tough, because I would be the one that went up against him in one on ones and stuff. We’re always true friends. He hasn’t really said much about FSU now, he did say congrats, but just little stuff right now.”

Nelson also has a brother, Logan, who is a fellow member of the 2022 class. Logan Nelson has flexed between tight end and offensive tackle during his high school. In 2020, he switched out with another player depending on the matchup. Logan is currently about 6-foot-5, 220-pounds.

“If we get an offer to a pretty big college that I’m ok with going to with him, that would definitely play a huge factor in me choosing a school because we grew up together,” Nelson said. “If not, I can always separate myself from him.”

Nelson is planning to connect with FSU offensive line coach Alex Atkins in the near future, his main contact to this point has been with Norvell. He’s planning to commit either before or during his senior season due to what could be limited spots available in the 2022 class and he’s thinking about early enrolling as well. He says it doesn’t play much of a factor but Nelson grew up a fan of UF.

The 6-foot-6, 272-pound offensive tackle is currently unranked according to 247Sports. That will definitely change as the recruiting cycle continues to go. NoleGameday will continue to track Nelson’s growing recruitment and where FSU stands throughout 2021.

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