FSU Working to Flip UF Commitment

Florida State’s coaching staff is looking to make a push for Florida commitment George Jackson. The 2021 offensive lineman from Stone Mountain, GA is keeping his options open while still committed. FSU is one of the schools he’s interested in, making a visit to see the Seminoles. We caught up with him to talk about the visit, and among other things where he’s at with his recruitment at this time. 

Over two years ago, George Jackson made the decision to commit to the University of Florida. At the time the coaches there were pushing for him and he liked the atmosphere there. Feeling it was the right time he went ahead and made a decision. Now that he’s entering his senior year he is still committed, but says he wants to keep his options open. 

“I’m committed but I am keeping my options open,” Jackson said. “I made a verbal commitment and it is still my school. I get a lot of mail and schools are reaching out. Florida, FSU, Georgia Tech, Tennessee, Oklahoma and Auburn reach out on a regular basis and are calling and texting me. I am interested in LSU, Georgia which is down the street and Ohio State also. I am looking for a good atmosphere and a good vibe. I am not into the clout chasing and I will go to the school that wants me most.”

FSU offensive line coach Alex Atkins has been working hard to build a relationship with Jackson and he is the reason George decided to stop by for the visit. Atkins has made Jackson a priority since he came over from Charlotte.

“My sister goes to FAMU, so I was in town;  Coach Atkins told me I might as well come across the street and visit,” said Jackson. “He’s been reaching out to me since he came over and has wanted to get a chance to see and meet each other. I wanted to see the changes Coach Norvell and Coach Atkins have made. I came last year for the N.C. State game, and FSU has been recruiting me since Jimbo was there. I’d say Coach Norvell and Coach Atkins know what they’re doing and have that hard work and dedication to get the mindset back at FSU.”

The 6-foot-5, 340-pound lineman spent time with Coach Atkins talking about possible positions and breaking down film. 

“I watched film with Coach Atkins and we talked about how they like me at guard or tackle,” said Jackson. “They like how I have an 84” wingspan and a wide body. I feel like I can play anything. Wherever I can get a chance to complete and play is where I will play. I know FSU needs linemen and that is a factor, but I know that any of these colleges will have linemen and that I will have to go in and compete.”

“Coach Atkins is someone who I think is a good coach and he knows what he needs to do to build the offensive line,” Jackson continued. “My father came with me. He liked it. He went to FAMU so he is familiar with Tallahassee. My uncle, Myron Jackson, played at FSU under Coach Bowden.”

George is a talented lineman who played his junior season at IMG before making the decision to go back home for his senior season. He says that time at IMG prepared him for college while also giving him a chance to play in a different scheme. 

“I’ve played in two kinds of offenses,” said Jackson. “My sophomore year I played in a power offense, and my junior year I played in a zone scheme. My time at IMG was great and I think it helped me prepare for college. I wanted to go home and play my senior year with the guys I grew up with. I am strong, technical, and powerful and I am never going to lose twice in a game. I think I can figure out what the defensive lineman is going to do. I have a long reach and I’m athletic.”

Jackson does admit he grew up a fan of FSU and that plays a role, but he is looking to make a decision that has the most positive impact on his future. He explained to us one thing has stood out to him since his visit to FSU.

“FSU was my dream school growing up and it is a factor in my recruitment, but I need to separate myself from that and find the place that I’ll be at for three to five years and a place that will prep me for the future. I am not planning on decommitting, but the school that consistently hits me up and keeps it real by showing interest, as well as the right atmosphere, I will be interested in them.”

“Just being on campus again and talking to Coach Atkins and Coach Norvell in person,” Jackson continued when asked what has stuck out with him since the visit. “I really appreciate Coach Atkins actually breaking down film and showing me what I’m good at and what I need to work on. That really separates him from other coaches on visits.”

FSU will continue to have to work hard if they want to flip Jackson’s commitment. With things on hold due to the coronavirus, Jackson isn’t sure what is next with his visits. We plan on tracking his recruitment and will follow up when another visit to FSU is set in stone.

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