Head of the Class: Offense

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Last week I gave you the top targets on the defensive side of the football after a nice recruiting run for FSU.

This week however the focus is on the offense.

New Offensive Coordinator Kendal Briles has bought his expertise to the team as has his right-hand man Randy Clements and FSU Alum Ron Dugans.

But who are they targeting to head the class? Let answer those questions. Remember these prospects aren’t ranked in any way, just listed by position. Also, these are realistic top targets at this point, every target (especially along the offensive line) is not listed.


Malik Hornsby

The athletic passer from Texas is a definite target for the second quarterback spot in this class. He has nice size and arm strength while putting up big numbers in a high-end classification in Texas. He’s a little raw as a passer at this point but Briles is known for fitting his offense to the player. FSU is in his top eight and he intends to officially visit sometime this summer. Texas A&M and the University of North Carolina lead here.

Garrett Greene

The local prospect from Chiles High is definitely one to watch as we go through the season. He’s athletic enough to be a highly effective runner at the college level and had good accuracy and arm strength. He’s only 6’0 but his game is legitimate as proven by an early commitment to West Virginia. If FSU really wants two quarterbacks this cycle flipping Greene might be their best option.


Jaylan Knighton

The explosive back from South Florida is the top target at the position for this cycle. His game reminds some of a juiced up Devonta Freeman and I have to agree. His short area quickness, agility, and ball carrier vision all stand out. Even though he doesn’t have the best long speed the other areas of his game are elite and can’t be passed on. FSU is recruiting him heavily along with QB1 Jeff Sims. Expect this to come down to FSU and Miami.

Lawrance Toafili

The central Florida Samoan is one of my personal favorites in this class. His film is incredible and he’s clearly a level above anyone else on the field. He has great size for the position to go with a very explosive lower half as evidenced by his 40″ vertical. He has made his love for FSU very public and FSU very much wants a player like him. Especially when they’re taking up to three backs this class.

Caziah Holmes

The second south Floridian on this list is one of the fastest prospects that FSU is recruiting this cycle. His game is predicated on cut back ability and speed which would be a welcomed addition to the roster. He’s athletic enough to be a defensive back as well but his preference is definitely offense. He’s a player you can split out on third down as well and use that speed to get to the sideline. Holmes has stated that FSU is in the lead for him multiple times and it wouldn’t be shocking if he claimed his spot in the class sooner rather than later.

Jo’Qavious Marks

Marks is another southern runningback but this time he hails from the peach state. He plays in a good classification in Georgia and shows excellent explosiveness on film. Of all the backs I listed he reminds me of Chris Thompson the most based off of film. He’s visited FSU a couple of times already this spring and is definitely a take depending on when he commits. It’ll be very interesting to see how the board looks at this position after the summer as it seems FSU would take the first 3 prospects that commit at the position.

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Wide Receiver

Bryan Robinson

Ron Dugans is running point on the elite south Florida receiver. The current Miami commitment has prototypical size with strong hands and playmaking ability. He visited FSU this spring and has shown enough interest that FSU will fight to flip him down the stretch. Expect a summer visit from him as well, likely for Saturday Night Live.

Arian Smith

FSU has been on the elite speedster longer than any other program which is important as he’s starting to blow up on the recruiting scene. He has qualified in the 100 Meter, 200 Meter, Long Jump, and 4×100 Meter for the Florida Track State Championship and all of that speed and athleticism translates to film. He has long strides to go along with elite speed which is a very dangerous combination. He’s versatile as well with the ability to be a receiver, running back, or even corner at the next level. However, the FSU staff likes him the most on the offensive end and in particular receiver. He can play slot or outside in this scheme and put up major numbers. He visited FSU for the spring game which bodes well for their chances. FSU will have to fight off the in-state schools along with UGA- but the entire south wants in on this recruitment.

Malachi Wideman

The electric two-sport athlete is not only a want for Taggart but for Coach Hamilton as well. He’s a walking mixtape on the hardwood but a little more raw on the field as a receiver. However, his potential in both sports is through the roof and FSU would love this skillset in the athletic program. He has favored FSU for a while now and both staffs would prefer to lock him down sooner rather than later.

Michael Redding III

The local prospect is a major target for the Noles as an athletic possession receiver which every team needs. He’s been at IMG for a year now and FSU has done well there in recent times including landing Josh Griffis this cycle. FSUs main competition here is Notre Dame.

Tight End

Sage Ennis

In what is a sparse TE board I have a feeling that another really talented local prospect will get the green light by the time the cycle is over. Ennis attends Lincoln High and is very athletic for the position and had some wheels on him as well. His highlights didn’t show him blocking and I think that’s the main hold up here. He has gotten plenty of Group of 5 offers lately but FSU is the one he covets. If he shows the staff he can block that that should be a green light scenario this cycle.

Offensive Line

Issiah Walker Jr.

The South Florida lineman is one of the best at his position nationally and has an extremely high upside. Walker is a gifted pass protector with a frame that should hold plenty of weight. He is currently committed to South Carolina but he’s visited plenty of schools lately including FSU. Should FSU have a good season on the field they should be able to flip Walker down the stretch.

Jalen Rivers

The other half of the Oakleaf duo has franchise potential at the next level especially in the scheme that Clements implements. He can be played across the line of scrimmage and is a huge want for FSU this cycle. He visited for a spring practice earlier this year but FSU needs a summer visit to continue the momentum. He wants an early end to his recruitment and FSU has to extend his timeline at this point.

Richie Leonard IV

The mauler from south Florida blocks for Caziah Holmes with great success. He’s been a riser in the recruiting process and has consistently good camp showings that back up his film. He recently de-committed from Kentucky and FSU is leading the charge here. Expect him to play along with the interior.

Tate Johnson

The South Georgia lineman is in the same vein as Leonard in the way that he’s a natural interior lineman with good bend and strength. He’s patient in his blocking and FSU has targeted him heavily this cycle. Their main competition is Auburn and Georgia Tech.

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