Head to Head: Greg Jones vs Nigel Bradham

It’s 4th and 1 with the game on the line. The offense needs to convert in order to keep what looks to be their final drive of the game alive. If the defense can get the stop, the game is likely over with the winner claiming a lifetime of bragging rights.

On the offensive side of the ball, the center and right guard open up a hole just big enough for the running back to hit as they move the defensive linemen out of the way.

The only hope for the defense to clinch the game is their trusty linebacker who is coming up to fill the gap. The running back and linebacker are on a collision course at the line of scrimmage with all eyes on the yard to gain line.

In our first Nole versus Nole scenario, we have one of the biggest freaks to ever play the running back position at Florida State in Greg Jones. Tasked with making the stop is former defensive captain Nigel Bradham.

Who wins?

Both have made their fair share of highlight-reel plays during their time donning the Garnet and Gold. Let’s start with Jones who made a habit of running through and over defenders on a regular basis.

The 6-foot-1 249 pounder was always a load to take down. Just ask the likes of former opposing players such as Sean Taylor, Dexter Reid (below) or the entire Clemson defense.

Now onto Bradham who led Florida State in tackles his final three seasons in Tallahassee. Florida State’s 2011 defense ranked fourth nationally largely due to Bradham’s presence at the second level both stopping the run and defending the pass.

The Crawfordville native is most famously known for committing manslaughter inside Doak Campbell Stadium in November of 2011.

Miami Hurricanes wide receiver LaRon Byrd was running a crossing route across the middle of the field when he ran into a steel beam. Despite having both feet planted firmly on the ground throughout the entire hit, Bradham ended Byrd’s day early with one of the most vicious hits in the history of the rivalry.

Now back to the big question here. Who wins a head-to-head collision on 4th and 1 between Jones and Bradham?

As someone who was lucky enough to cover Bradham’s recruitment and get to know him during his early years of his career as a student-athlete, he will always be one of my favorite Seminoles I was able to see countless times in person.

That said, I just can’t go against Jones in this scenario and that is no slight to Bradham. The two meet at the line of scrimmage with a monster collision, Bradham wraps up and brings Jones down but not before the ball crosses the line to gain. It would certainly be a battle to remember. Like an unstoppable force against an immovable object.

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