JC Flowers lands #1 spot on this week’s NCAA Baseball’s top plays

JC Flowers has been making plays like this all year long and often makes them look routine, but this play takes the cake. Flowers is one of the best defensive outfielders in all of College Baseball and often makes these catches look easy. I’ve watched every FSU baseball game this year, and no other play compares to this one. Off the bat, the ball looked destined for the RCF gap, but Flowers glided to the gap before basically flying to catch the ball. More importantly, it was the first play of the game and kept Wake’s leadoff man off the bases. JC has made my jaw drop multiple times this year with his premier defense and athleticism, often reminding of Boston Red Sox outfielder, Jackie Bradley Jr. Flowers covers so much ground effortlessly, as he just glides to the ball, covering all of both gaps. Flowers also has a cannon of an arm, that can touch 98 MPH off the mound, all together that makes for a premium defender.

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Flowers has really broken out this year for the Noles after 2 subpar seasons. He is 17th in the ACC with 9 HR’s, after having 2 total in his first two seasons, and leads the ACC in saves in his first year pitching at the collegiate level. Flowers has only given up 3 runs in 18.2 IP on the mound and has probably saved 5+ runs in CF. JC could easily end up going in the top 10 rounds of the MLB draft as either a CF or a pitcher. His extreme athleticism and premium defense make him a viable option as an OF and an electric, fresh arm makes him one of the most interesting pitching prospects in the nation. No matter where or when JC gets drafted, he’s one of the most exciting players in college baseball in multiple different phases of the game.

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