Luke Altmyer Journal Entry 1: Why I Chose FSU and Becoming a Football Player

NoleGameDay is pleased to announce we will be hosting Luke Altmyer throughout his senior year as he gives us an inside look at what it’s like to be a national recruit. He’ll be updating us a few times a month before he heads to Florida State.

In the first installment, Luke gives us the rundown on why he chose Florida State, what other schools he considered, who he models his game after, and how he got into football and became a quarterback.

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First, thanks for having me. This should be cool.

I first met Coach Norvell when I was in ninth grade. My high school coach introduced me to him. We have never really stopped communicating since then. I have always been such a huge fan of his, and I have always wanted to play for him. It just seems meant to be for me and I’m excited to play for him. 

I really loved Auburn and LSU. Those schools were “dream schools” but FSU was the right fit for me. After my visit, going home I knew they were the right fit. I knew when Coach Norvell got the job that I would consider them highly, and the visit sealed it for me.

I see a lot of similarities in Joe Burrow and my game. Not so much physically, but the confidence he plays with I see in my game. I obviously see the ability to distribute the ball all the highest level, and I see the mobility when he needs it. I have been timed at 4.74 on laser so I have the ability to make plays on the run.

I started playing every sport at a young age. I played the major three sports until my freshman year but I stopped playing basketball and baseball not knowing I would be a top recruit in football. It was a risk because some people thought I had the potential to be a draft pick in baseball as a catcher. Looking back, I wish I had played baseball all the way through, but back then I didn’t find a lot of joy in it. 

When I started practicing with the varsity squad as a freshman is when I knew I was talented at football. I never really worked with anyone for football so God has really put me in a great position. He has given me talents and abilities.

I look forward to talking to you all again next week. Go Noles!

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