Mike Martin named 2019 Perfect Game/Rawlings Coach of the Year

Perfect Game has named Mike Martin the 2019 Coach of the Year after the Noles run to Omaha. FSU had an up and down year all season, but they always knew they had a run in them. Coach Martin kept this team level headed throughout this season, and it paid off. FSU is playing for something bigger right now, for 11, and it seems it may just be the season of destiny. Martin’s honor is probably not just because of FSU’s performance this year, but the steadiness that FSU has had in 11’s career.

Martin has now led FSU to 40 years of 40+ wins. Not a single year without 40 wins, it’s something that is nearly impossible. 11 has also led the Noles to Omaha in nearly half of his seasons at FSU, with this being the 17th trip to the CWS. This year was probably 11’s most improbable feat, getting this team to the CWS. The Noles entered the postseason 4 wins short of the 40-win mark, entering the 4th best team in the country’s house. FSU went to Athens and dominated for 3 games, going 3-0 and outscoring the number 4 team in the nation 22-4. FSU then had to travel to the most lethal crowd in college baseball, playing against another SEC powerhouse, LSU. All FSU did was sweep again. Entering the postseason, there were 64 teams, and only two teams haven’t lost a game so far. FSU is one of them.

This year was the first year FSU wasn’t a 1 or 2 seed in NCAA tournament play. Not only does that show the consistency of Martin and his staff, but also that his team can get back to Omaha in multiple different ways. Obviously, people will question this honor because of some in-game decisions and struggles the team had in the regular season this year, but what coach doesn’t struggle with that throughout the regular season? None. How many coaches in NCAA have 2,000+ wins and a 40-year streak of 40+ wins? One. Mike Martin. The Coach of the year will be in Omaha, looking for his first career title.

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