Monday Mailbag: Coaching search, Jordan Travis, and Odell

Last Week’s Mailbag

It may be a bye week, but there’s plenty to talk about, especially with Florida State entering its third week without a head coach. The Seminoles absolutely have to make the right hire but it also needs to be timely, at the risk of losing a lot of a #Tribe20 class that currently ranks No. 18 in the country according to 247Sports. This feels like the perfect week for it to happen, sandwiched between the final home game of the season and a big road matchup in Gainesville next Saturday, however, not much is trickling out of Tallahassee. In fact, things have basically fallen dead silent, which, depending on what side of the fence you’re on is either a good thing or a bad thing.

With a deal potentially falling through with Bob Stoops, the administration has a big decision to make sooner rather than later. One thing is for sure, the Seminoles are going bowling in 2019 courtesy of their win over Alabama State. It may not be where the season was expected to end up, but a little positivity goes a long way after this year. One possible matchup that’s been pitched so far is FSU-Michigan State in Detroit.

Elsewhere, FSU Basketball is off to another solid start. The ‘Noles sit just outside of the top-25 polls with a 2-1 record after a closer than expected victory over Western Carolina last Friday. The team plays at home Wednesday, Saturday, and Monday so make sure to #PackTheTuck.

Let’s see what we have in the mailbag this week. P.S. Ask me about FSU Hoops!

Who’s your favorite for the coaching job? – @beau.boldt

If not Bob Stoops, I think it might be smarter for FSU to promote Odell Haggins. I don’t think the administration has the money to bring in Fleck or Campbell. Norvell is interesting but if it’s between him and Haggins, give me Odell (which I know probably sounds crazy).

Are you all just as baffled as we are that Jordan Travis is just now seeing the field? – @mikie_lee434

Pretty much. FSU played Alex Hornibrook over Travis for nine games? What a travesty to this offense and to the player. Travis looks like he could be extremely useful in Kendal Briles’ offense.

Is the Stoops “not a candidate any more” narrative real or a tactic to keep things quiet? – @pmlyons86

Either way, we’re going to find out soon. Personally, I still believe there’s a chance Stoops ends up at Florida State but the longer it draws out, the less that chance is.

Do you think we have a chance against UF? – @tylerwestbrock

In any rivalry game, no matter the year either team is having, there is always a chance on both sides. Florida definitely has the advantage. The Gators are at home, nationally ranked, and haven’t dealt with the instability the ‘Noles have in 2019. Regardless, if Odell can keep this team together, anything is possible when these two programs collide.

Thoughts on Odell being a candidate? – @gabrielc_fl

I think it’s good for coach Haggins. If he had gone through the natural progression of going from assistant coach to coordinator to head coach, this is about where he’d be in his career right now, the head man at a solid program.

It may not be the best hire but it’s realistic. The buyouts of PJ Fleck and Matt Campbell will be hard to overcome when this program still owes Taggart roughly $20 million. With Haggins, you can pay him a smaller salary, surround him with good assistants and bank on Briles being the head coach in waiting. Not the first option, but not the end of the world either.

if Odell wins at Florida will people finally see him as a real candidate? – @randyr.305

Definitely, but if FSU hires him before the Florida game and the ‘Noles go on to lose, it could backfire quickly. This fanbase is…loud…

If we beat Florida, should we hire Odell as HC? – @nathan.davis85

If Stoops hasn’t signed on the dotted line and Haggins walks out of Gainesville with a win, after all the dysfunction this team has gone through, then yes, name him the head coach.

What happened with the Bob Stoops situation? – @jordanrios0

It’s still fluid. However, Stoops has backed out of jobs in the past and that may be what we’re dealing with here. It’s not over until the fat lady sings.

How much of a chance is there for Deion to be our next head coach? – @daniel_joyner97

I have a better chance to be Florida State’s next head coach than Deion Sanders. See my 11 National Championships with UMass in NCAA14. Heck, that’s more wins than Walt Bell has all season so I’m really more qualified than both of them.

How do you feel about the team now? – @_shooterjackson

A lot of the flaws are still visible but they’ve definitely played more together these last two weeks. We didn’t really get to see the full offense against Alabama State with workhorse Cam Akers sidelined for the afternoon, otherwise, I think you’re looking at a 50+ point performance. Defensively, it’s clear that Harlon Barnett’s time in Tallahassee is up. Hopefully, Haggins can get enough out of this team to pull a sneaky win right under the Gators’ noses.

Can I trademark Jordan Travis’ nickname as “Big Play Jay”? – @heafmccall

I don’t know, what do you think, ‘Noles fans?

With Bob Stoops now not being a candidate, who else has FSU interviewed? – @cameroncalvertt

The top-four at this point are Haggins, Mark Stoops, Mike Norvell, and Matt Campbell in no order. Haggins and Norvell have been interviewed and there’s a possibility Stoops was as well. I don’t think Campbell will interview before the season ends.

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