Monday Mailbag: Coaching search, Odell Haggins, and FSU’s record

Well, I’m assuming all of Nole Nation is still sizing up their bowling shoes following Florida State’s road victory in Boston on Saturday. The Seminoles are just ONE win away from getting back to bowl season after missing it for the first time in almost four decades last year. That final win is all but guaranteed this Saturday in Tallahassee, with the Alabama State Hornets coming to town for senior day.

I’m going to ahead and make a call to action for FSU fans this week. Pack The Tuck on Friday and Pack Doak on Saturday. Yes, this game will likely be a blowout but it’s not all about what’ll be happening between the whistles.

This will be the last time we see some ‘Noles don the garnet and gold at home. WR Keith Gavin, DB Levonta Taylor, TE Gabe Nabers, LB Dontavius Jackson, and OL Cole Minshew are just a few of the number of seniors who will be honored on Saturday. Juniors such as Cam Akers and Marvin Wilson are also expected to declare early for the NFL Draft following the 2019 season, WR Tamorrion Terry could join them.

It should make for an emotional outing in Tallahassee in a game to send the Seminoles bowling.

Let’s see what we have in the mailbag this week.

What do you think Florida State’s record will be at the end of the season – @nick_2023_15

At the end of the regular season, I think FSU will have a 6-6 record. They’ll finish things out by beating Alabama State and losing a closer than expected game against Florida.

Depending on the bowl game, there’s a good chance the ‘Noles finish at 7-6. But the record isn’t the most important thing at this juncture. Just getting into a bowl gives the team two extra weeks of practice to continue improving for 2020.

With Marvin’s injury, do you think there’s an increased chance he will come back? – @sarah_shelton_24

I think there’s a small chance he returns but that’s mostly due to Wilson’s love for Florida State. The injury isn’t something that will affect him long-term and he’s a lock, at minimum, to be a Second-Round pick.

It’s in his best interest to go get paid and that’s the most likely option.

Will Ryan Fitzgerald get his chance to kick? – @isaac_richardson34

Man, I sure hope so. This would be the perfect time to give him a FG attempt or at least a few extra-point tries. Why not? Ricky Aguayo won’t be here next year and it would give Fitzgerald real reps in a lower pressure environment against Alabama State.

I’m all for it. It probably won’t happen though.

Who is going to be our next head coach – @robert_fsu

Everything on my end still is pointing towards Bob Stoops. I believe the important thing right now is not to freak out about how quiet things are. That means stuff is still going on behind the scenes and furthermore, that FSU is trying to crush all leaks.

Silence is golden and I think everyone’s patience will pay off soon.

Is Cam gone? – @mikie_lee4334

In my mind, without a doubt. Akers has carried the ball 569 times and counting in his college career. Like Wilson, I don’t see him falling farther than the Second-Round with his talent and athleticism. He’ll test extremely well at the NFL Combine.

Running backs already have a shorter shelf life, Akers should start getting paid as soon as he can.

Top-5 coaching candidates? – @11th_wonder

Bob Stoops, Mike Norvell, Matt Campbell, Brent Venables, Odell Haggins.

Is Kendal Briles a serious candidate for the head coaching job? – @randyr.305

I think he would if every other candidate for the head coaching job, including Odell, fell through. Briles is in an excellent position to be a future HC, he just needs to continue building his pedigree and gaining valuable experience.

At just 36, he’ll be a head man sooner rather than later. That’s why FSU would love for Stoops to come in, rebuild things for 3-5 years, and pass the program off to Briles. God, I love that idea.

Do you think Odell will get a chance at being the next HC? – @new.jersey.devil

I believe there’s a chance if things don’t work out with Stoops. I’m pretty sure if you cut Haggins on the arm, garnet and gold blood would run out. He bleeds Florida State and has been here for almost three decades.

The passion and respect he brings to the program only adds to why everyone loves him. Haggins is not only a good coach but a great man who instills life lessons on his players while treating them like sons. I’m all for paying Odell $2-3 million and putting an elite staff around him while he oversees it as a CEO type coach.

What do you think about Jordan Travis – @beau.boldt

I think that I’m pretty pleased with his random appearance on Saturday, it worked out and then some. In his debut in the garnet and gold, Travis led the team with 94 rushing yards and two touchdowns on just THREE carries.

Going forward, I’d love to see him get a shot to throw a few against Alabama State. He should be a more familiar face in the offense in the last few games and I think both he and Akers in the backfield together could make magic happen.

The only question now is, why wasn’t he involved earlier in the season? The game against Boston College was truly the first where Kendal Briles didn’t have to answer to any of Willie Taggart’s direction. He got to play the players he wanted when he wanted and had complete control of the playcalling.

It just makes me question how much did Taggart limit what Briles actually wanted to do? One player who was noticeably absent on Saturday, due to how well the offense clicked without him, was grad-transfer quarterback Alex Hornibrook, who had started the two previous games against Syracuse and Miami.

Everyone thought that Hornibrook was Briles’ guy, but in the first game after Taggart was fired, he played zero snaps. Regardless, it’s clear that Travis should have gotten a chance to impact the offense earlier in the season. It’s unfortunate for both the Louisville transfer and the team that he did not, and someone should be held accountable for it.

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