Monday Mailbag: Hiring timeline, offensive line, and basketball

Last Week’s Mailbag

Well, Saturday wasn’t very fun. Florida State had a chance to keep the game against Florida closer than 40-17, but penalties and unforced errors made this one a blowout. Thankfully, the regular season is finally over and now we can move onto the Seminoles’ coaching search and the bowl game.

This is the week FSU fans will figure out who exactly will be the new head coach, I feel confident in stating that. The field has been painted, the video boards tested, and Doak Campbell Stadium is ready for announcement. It’s been a long, drawn-out process but I think we’ll all be a lot happier once it is over. Believe me, I need to get some sleep.

Bowl projections will continue to come in throughout the week and there are some interesting matchups on the table. We’ll have something on that later this week. Elsewhere, FSU Basketball is finally in the polls at No. 17 after winning the Emerald Coast Classic.

Let’s see what we have in the mailbag this week with FSU on the horizon of making a coaching hire.

Why has Hornibrook not played? – @jackson.shivers

Because he’s just not good. Plus, he doesn’t have a future with this program. James Blackman and Jordan Travis are gaining instrumental experience for their respective developments.

When should we expect a coaching hire? – @nick_mentz3r

This is our most popular question this week so let’s get to it. I’ve been informed that a coaching hire was expected to take place this week on Monday, today, or Tuesday. So basically, anytime from now to tomorrow could be the announcement, I’ve heard a few things recently that make me feel it’ll happen sooner rather than later. There’s an outside shot it’s delayed to later in the week but it’s hard to see that happening with all of the preparations that have been made.

Do you think we can beat UNC? – @therealwagon

I don’t see why not. FSU has the depth to match up with any team in the nation and the ‘Noles have been proving that ever since their loss to Pittsburgh. As guys like Patrick Williams and Balsa Koprivica continue to get comfortable at this level off the bench, I’m confident.

It’s very comforting that this game falls in the Tucker Center as well.

Is Franklin a serious candidate? That’s the kind of splash hire we need. – @brian_9.87

This is something I’ve continually gone back and forth on since his comments on Saturday. I do think James Franklin is a serious candidate for Florida State, but I don’t know if that’s being reciprocated. I have a feeling this is leverage to get a new deal.

Do you think coach Barnett will coach the bowl game? – @jamesrocco5

God, I hope not.

Who should we hire as DC when Barnett is fired? – @b_.raines

The more and more I hear about him, the more I love Jim Leavitt for the job. He’s already on staff and has been around most of the roster. Leavitt has the fire and passion to build a great 3-4 defense. One thing I like about him is how relentless he’s been about getting Florida State better even though he hasn’t really been here that long.

Do you think the loss to UF ruins Odell’s changes at the head coaching job? – @smellysnelly6

No, if Florida State wanted to hire Haggins, they would do so regardless of this game. Hell, the result would’ve been a lot worse with Taggart still here.

Why do you think there has been no improvement on the offensive line for roughly the past five years? – @thebricecrispy

For one, Rick Trickett began to fall off of a cliff while he was here, he simply regressed because of age. That hurt FSU’s OL development and went a long way in their failures on the recruiting trail. It’s beginning to change a little under Randy Clements, I think we can all honestly say that the offensive line has definitely looked a bit better this season than 2018.

How long do you think until this program is back to where it was 5-6 years ago? – @nickpetit4

Frankly, a lot of it depends on the coach FSU ends up hiring.

What are your thoughts on the game on Saturday? – @dalotontuzzolo

I thought countless penalties and sacks really hurt Florida State. This wasn’t a game I expected the Seminoles to win but it still hurts for the final score to be that large of a gap. At least we aren’t Texas A&M.

Who do you think we’ll play in a bowl game? – @bray_ottinger_

A very popular pick has been FSU vs Michigan State in the Quick Lane bowl. Maybe we can trade them back Barnett at halftime.

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