Monday Mailbag: Notre Dame Woes, Willie Taggart, and recruiting

Well, I’m sure ya’ll remember what happened on Saturday. Florida State didn’t have much of a chance against Notre Dame to begin with anyway, but they sure do know how to make games harder on themselves.

Turnovers on their first two drives put the Seminoles in an early 17-0 hole and they couldn’t do much from there. Whether it was the offense, defense, or special teams, all facets of the team failed on Saturday.

Fans aren’t pleased with the results, coaches, or players. Something has got to change, whether it’s the guys in the starting lineup or the guys running the show. I’m sure this murky situation will become a little clearer after FSU’s final two games.

With that being said, let’s reach into the mailbag and deliver some truth.

How much longer will we have to suffer being coached by Willie? – @andy_ramos1

How much longer will Taggart be here? – @Benmorgan34

When do FSU fans start worrying about Willie? – @Brett_McNurphy

Guys, I get that this is the worst season that Florida State has had since most of us have probably been alive and you’re not going to like my answer. As much as we love instant gratification and results, patience is needed here.

Jimbo Fisher left this team in shambles a year ago and Willie Taggart is doing his best to put the pieces back together. He’s had ONE recruiting class (that he started putting together in December) to bring his guys to Tallahassee.

Personally, unless the Seminoles start off really poorly in 2019, think 2-6 or worse, you have to give Taggart at least two more years. He’s using players in the Gulf Coast offense that have played in a pro-style scheme since they’ve arrived, that’s like putting a square peg in a round hole.

I still believe Taggart can turn this around. While it’ll likely take adjustments to the coaching staff and scheme to work, he’s the man for this job.

Will FSU win a Nat’l Championship before Texas A&M wins the SEC West?  – Glenn Rainey 

Easy money. Texas A&M will always be a mid to upper tier team in a division ruled by Alabama. LSU and Auburn normally aren’t pushovers either.

Jimbo Fisher has his work cut out for him in College Station.

 Are we a basketball school now? – Charles Curtis

It’s starting to lean that way with the contrast in success from the gridiron to court. Florida State returns most of its team from the Elite-Eight run a year ago and is already 2-0 so far this season.

I know this question was asked in jest, but I really believe the Seminoles could develop into a deadly team. Once Phil Cofer returns, watch out.

The only way to move this program forward is through wins and fan support. #PackTheTuck

Are Akers and Frenchy transferring after this trial season?? – @JC_nole97

While the Cam Akers rumors were started by a mod on the Ole Miss site (who’s usually wrong), I could see a scenario where Deondre Francois grad-transfers for his final collegiate season.

The guy has taken a beating since he came to Tallahassee and it has continued into this year. He’s also just not a good fit for Taggart’s offense.

Francois no longer has the mobility to perform the RPO following his devastating knee injury a year ago. It might be better for both sides to move on.

When does the winning begin again? – @swhiteb

When Florida State no longer has the worst offensive line in the FBS and finds two safeties who know what defense is.

Were FSU fans bamboozled OR just delusional when it came to expectations of a turnaround happening with this roster? – @TheTruthUNoLike

A little bit of both. After a seven-win season last year, FSU’s worst since 2009, this felt like a retooling rather than a rebuild. Unfortunately, it’s looking like it’ll take longer to turn this around than originally expected.

While some of that is on Taggart hyping up the fanbase, the blame also falls on the players. Coaches can only do so much, the Seminoles have to perform.

And no one expected the offensive line to be this bad, frankly.

Why would recruits want to play here? – Carol Murphree

Well, some certainly won’t because of the way this team has looked in 2018. But the players who are committed to this staff and the ones who are interested see the opportunity for early playing time and a chance to bring Florida State back.

The 2018 and 2019 classes could be the beginning of this program getting it back together. That allure is keeping elite talent interested in coming to Tallahassee.


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