NFL Combine Wrap-Up

The 2016 NFL Combine has concluded, which means the NFL Draft is right around the corner. Six former Florida State Seminoles were invited to the Combine this year: kicker Roberto Aguayo, defensive linemen Nile Lawrence-Stample and Giorgio Newberry, linebacker Terrance Smith, and defensive backs Jalen Ramsey and Lamarcus Brutus. While Aguayo and Lawrence-Stample did not participate in the on-the-field drills, the other four were full participants and were subject to evaluation from scouts and draft analysts. Let’s take a look at how these former Florida State players performed at the Combine.

Roberto Aguayo, kicker

Last week, we published an article stating that Aguayo is the best kicker prospect in the 2016 NFL Draft and has a legitimate shot of being drafted on day two. At the Combine, Aguayo didn’t participate in any on-the-field drills (few kickers do) but he impressed in the media interviews. He was confident in his status as the draft’s top kickers and pointed out a few teams that he has on his radar that are in need of a kicker.

Nile Lawrence-Stample, defensive lineman

Nile Lawrence-Stample measured in at 6-1, 320 lbs. with 32 3/4 inch arms and 9 7/8 inch hands. He was one of only a handful of defensive linemen who passed on participating in any drills at the Combine. Whether this was because of a pre-existing injury or otherwise remains to be seen. Lawrence-Stample will get another opportunity to participate in on-the-field drills at Florida State’s Pro Day. Regardless, an invite to the Combine means the NFL believes he has a good chance to get drafted.

Giorgio Newberry, defensive lineman

Giorgio Newberry measured in at 6-5, 285 lbs. with 34 inch arms and 9 1/2 inch hands. As a rotational player throughout his time at Florida State, Newberry has limited production and tape but a decision by the NFL to invite him to the Combine is an encouraging sign for his draft stock. He did not test particularly well, running the 40-yard dash in 4.94 seconds, posting a 7.53 in the three-cone drill, a 4.78 in the 2o-yard shuttle and only 20 reps in the bench press. He performed slightly better in the vertical and broad jumps, posting a 30″ and 114″ respectively. However, a majority of the drills at the Combine are largely useless for evaluating defensive linemen. The bench press and 40-yard dash are two drills that are usually thrown out in the evaluation of defensive linemen. But the vertical and broad jump and the 10-yard split of the 40-yard dash are drills that test lower body explosiveness, a very important skill for pass rushers in the league. Overall, Newberry did not help or hurt his draft stock at the Combine and largely confirmed the notion that he will be a late-round draft pick to undrafted free agent when the draft rolls around. Here are how Newberry’s Combine numbers stack up against other draft prospects at defensive end:

Terrance Smith, linebacker

Terrance Smith measured in at 6-3, 235 lbs. with 32 3/4 inch arms and 9 7/8 inch hands. Weighing in at 235 lbs. is an encouraging sign for Smith, as he weighed in at only 219 lbs. at the Shrine Game a couple of weeks ago. Smith tested well in the on-the-field drills, posting a 4.77 in the 40-yard dash, 34 1/2″ in the vertical jump and 120″ in the broad jump. He did not participate in the three-cone drill or the 20-yard shuttle. While many analysts compare him to former Florida State linebacker and current Jacksonville Jaguars star Telvin Smith, Telvin is much more athletic and faster than Terrance. Telvin posted a 4.52 in the 40-yard dash as well as a 1.53 in the 10-yard split and is also nearly 15 pounds lighter. Overall, not participating in the three-cone drill and 20-yard shuttle may raise concerns about any lingering knee injuries Terrance Smith has from college, but his performance in the rest of the on-the-field drills did not help or hurt his draft stock. Smith projects as a late-round pick as a rotational linebacker or special teams contributor. Here are how Smith’s Combine numbers stack up against other prospects at inside linebacker.

Lamarcus Brutus, defensive back

Lamarcus Brutus measured in at 6-0, 206 lbs. with 31 1/2 inch arms and 8 3/4 inch hands. Brutus is one of the smaller safety prospects in the draft and it showed up in the measurements. He did not test well in the on-the-field drills, posting a 4.76 in the 40-yard dash and a 7.08 and 4.33 in the three-cone and 20-yard shuttle drills respectively. In the defensive back workouts, Brutus was stiff, struggled to change direction and failed to catch the ball several times. Overall, Brutus’ performance at the Combine confirmed the notion that he will primarily be a special teams contributor in the league if drafted.

Jalen Ramsey, defensive back

Jalen Ramsey measured in at 6-1, 209 lbs. with 33 3/8 inch arms and 9 1/2 inch hands. Ramsey put on a show at the combine, posting a 41.5″ vertical jump and a 11’3″ broad jump. His broad jump was tied for second longest in the Combine among DB’s since 2006, only behind Byron Jones, who set a world record in 2015. He ran a 4.41 40-yard dash, among the most impressive for all defensive backs in the draft, and posted a 6.94 and 4.18 in the three-cone and 20-yard shuttle respectively. Overall, Ramsey’s performance at the Combine solidified his position as a Top-5 pick in this year’s draft and has a legitimate shot at being the highest drafted defensive back since Charles Woodson in 1998.

All graphs courtesy of mockdraftable.com

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