‘Noles By The Numbers: Week One

The stats don’t tell the full story, but they can paint a hell of a picture of what went wrong for Florida State against Boise State. The offense sputtered on third-downs, finishing just 1/12 in the game while allowing four sacks.

On the other side of the ball, the Seminoles currently hold the third-worst defense in the nation after giving up 621 total yards of offense to the Broncos. Harlon Barnett and his unit are going to need to regroup after allowing over 400 passing yards and over 200 yards on the ground. All in all, it was a pretty disheartening performance after a positive first half.

Let’s take a look at where Florida State sits in the numbers both team-wise and individually after week one.


Team Stats:

Total Offense: 426 yards per game (No. 65)
Passing Offense: 327 yards per game (No. 26)
Rushing Offense: 99 yards per game (No. 98)
Points per game: 31 (tied for No. 61)
Yards per play: 6.87 (No. 32)
Yards per rush: 3.54 (No. 88)
Yards per pass: 9.6 (No. 21)
First downs per game: 19 (tied for No. 87)
Third-down conversion percentage: 8.33% (tied for No. 126)
Redzone scoring percentage: 100% (tied for No. 1)
Sacks allowed per game: 4 (tied for No. 116)
Tackles for loss allowed per game: 11 (tied for No. 121)
Time of Possession: 19:57:00 (No. 129)

Individual Stats:

  • QB James Blackman is ranked No. 16 in passing yards per game (327) and No. 17 in quarterback rating (182.9). He’s also tied for No. 16 in the nation with three touchdown passes.
  • RB Cam Akers is No. 28 in rushing yards per game and No. 38 in average per attempt (7.7 avg). Akers is tied for No. 68 with 15 rushing attempts.
  • WR Tamorrion Terry is No. 35 in receiving yards per game (99) and No. 83 in yards per reception (24.8).
  • WR Keyshawn Helton is No. 4 in yards per reception (58).
  • WR Warren Thompson is No. 81 in yards per reception (25).


Team Stats:

Total Defense: 621 yards allowed per game (No. 128)
Passing Defense: 407 yards allowed per game (No. 124)
Rushing Defense: 214 yards allowed per game (No. 111)
Points allowed per game: 36 (tied for No. 105)
Yards allowed per play: 5.75 (No. 89)
Yards allowed per rush: 3.75 (tied for No. 74)
Yards allowed per pass: 8.0 (No. 100)
Opponent completion percentage: 58.8% (tied for No. 73)
First downs allowed per game: 38 (No. 130)
Third-down conversion percentage: 52.63% (No. 113)
Redzone scoring percentage: 100% (tied for No. 71)
Sacks per game: 6 (tied for No. 5)
Tackles for loss per game: 8 (tied for No. 23)
Penalties per game: 5 (tied for No. 29)
Turnover margin per game: 1 (tied for No. 31)Individual Stats:

  • DB Hamsah Nasirildeen is tied for No. 24 in tackles per game (12). He’s tied for No. 1 with two forced fumbles.
  • DB Carlos Becker is tied for No. 2 in sacks per game (2).
  • DB Isaiah Bolden is tied for No. 8 with one interception. He’s tied for No. 49 in interception return yards (4).

Special teams

Team Stats:

Field goal percentage: 100% (tied for No. 1)
Total punts: 7 (tied for No. 103)
Yards per punt: 44.0 (tied for No. 53)
Yards per punt return: 22.0 (No. 7)
Yards per kickoff return: 17.0 (No. 84)

Individual Stats:
  • Kicker Ricky Aguayo is tied for No. 18 in longest field goal (46).
  • Punter Logan Tyler is tied for No. 57 in yards per punt (44).

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