Norvell well-respected amongst his peers

Every year during conference media days, Athlon Sports asks coaches to speak anonymously about their peers within their respective leagues.

For the past three years, one thing has been consistent coming from the AAC media days. Mike Norvell is very respected by his peers.

Heading into Norvell’s second season at Memphis, these were the comments made about him and his program.

“If there’s a sleeper program in this conference I think these guys are it.”

“The recruiting didn’t fall off from Justin Fuente to Mike Norvell. You can find the guys in the local radius same as you can in the Texas and Florida schools.”

“They replace some guys on defense and that might keep them from being one of the conference’s elite. But imagine if this school wakes up and decides to be a consistent football program. That’s scary.”

The feedback on Norvell heading into the 2018 season was very similar.

“They’re obviously going to have a drop off replacing Riley Ferguson but we don’t expect it to be steep.”

“That’s still a dangerous offense From what we can tell Coach Norvell and his guys have been developing and recruiting at the same level Fuente was.”

“A lot of coaches in the league thought they were as good as UCF going into December.”

Heading into this past season was no different.

“They look a little bit more dangerous every year because they’re fitting recruiting with their identity in a good area of the country.”

“Mike Norvell is one of the brightest offensive minds in the country. They’re really building consistency there.”

“They’re not as deep as UCF or Houston but they’re as talented at the 1’s.”

“They’re great at getting you out of a game plan to go punch for punch in a high scoring game.”

Clearly, Norvell has had the attention of the coaches he has faced week-in and week-out during his time at Memphis.

Such high praise of Norvell from his peers should only excite the Florida State faithful even more as the Seminoles enter the Norvell era.

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