Nuggets: Offseason conditioning in full effect

Now that the Florida State Seminoles have completed spring practice it’s time to turn the focus into preparing for the dog days of fall camp. That preparation starts in the summer months.

Due to NCAA rules, the coaching staff has to depend on the players to “voluntarily” work out and continue to work on their craft- and they’re already holding up their end of the bargain.

Strength and Conditioning Coach Oderinde is the point man this summer and this is where he’ll earn the bulk of his pay. His job is to make sure that these “voluntary” workouts turn into consistent work that the whole team has a hand in and he’s doing an excellent job thus far.

As I stated earlier the players are holding up their end as well. Linebacker Amari Gainer (So.) has been working with an outside trainer alongside fellow sophomores Cameron McDonald, DB Jaiden Woodbey and Junior DB Cyrus Fagan.

QB1 James Blackman has been throwing the ball to the likes of WR DJ Matthews, Cameron McDonald, and TE Tre’ McKitty in the IPF and on the practice fields.

Sophomore transfer quarterback Jordan Travis is coming off of a good spring game performance and has carried that momentum into the offseason. He has been working out with fellow classmates Tre’ McKitty and RB Khalan Laborn.

It’s also a good sign when the incoming freshmen are already putting in work to be great. #Tribe19 signees OL Dontae Lucas, LB Raymond Woodie III, DB Akeem Dent, and LB Jaleel McCrae are grinding already.

This is exactly what you want to hear as a ‘Nole fan and why this upcoming season has the potential to be a dramatic shift for this program.

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