***Official Spring Game Visitor List***

This Saturday will mark the end of spring practice with the best fan event of the early months: The Spring Game. As usual it will be packed with bluechip recruits and tens of thousands of fans looking to see some improvement from last year. With David Kelly in charge of recruiting we have also seen an upstick in visits as well. Here is the list that I’ve acquired by talking with prospects and monitoring social media. Since some prospects didn’t respond or were unavailable I also used Warchant to confirm others.

2020 QB Jeff Sims (FSU Commit)

2021 QB Sheduer Sanders

2021 QB Dematrius Davis

2020 RB Jaylan Knighton

2020 RB Caziah Holmes

2020 RB Jo’Qavious Marks

2020 RB Miles Friday

2020 RB Tee Hodge

2021 RB Keyshawn Spencer (FSU Commit)

2020 WR Malachi Wideman

2020 WR Ajou Ajou

2020 WR Thaiu Jones-Bell

2020 WR Bryan Robinson

2020 WR Jaheim Bell

2020 WR Marcus Clarke

2020 WR Ja’khi Douglas

2020 WR Gerand Turner

2020 ATH Arian Smith

2021 ATH Simeon Price

2021 WR Agiye Hall

2021 WR Trevonte Rucker

2021 WR Semaj James

2021 ATH Yulkeith Brown Jr.

2021 ATH Aalah Brown

2023 WR Brandon Innis

2020 OT Issiah Walker

2020 OT Gerald Mincey

2020 OT Thomas Schrader

2020 OT Jacarri Williams

2022 OT Julian Armella

2020 OG Zane Herring (FSU Commit)

2020 OG Tate Johnson

2020 OG Richie Leonard IV

2020 OG Joshua Jones

2020 OL Grant Jackson

2020 OG Jonathan Denis

2020 DT Jalen Carter

2020 DT Gervon Dexter

2020 DT Elijah Roberts

2020 DT Jalen Carter

2020 DT Timothy Smith

2021 DT Leonard Taylor

2020 DE Josh Griffis

2020 DE Morven Joseph

2021 DE Bryce Langston

2020 LB Keyshawn Greene (FSU Commit)

2020 LB Stephen Dix Jr. (FSU Commit)

2020 LB Derek Wingo

2020 LB Jaiyon McCluster

2020 LB Vincent Starling

2020 DB Demorie Tate (FSU Commit)

2020 DB Isaiah Dunson (FSU Commit)

2020 DB Kendall Dennis

2020 DB Brian Branch

2020 DB Ja’Marquis Johnson

2020 DB Josh Brown

2020 DB Keyshawn Washington

2021 DB Ahmari Harvey

2021 DB Jason Marshall

2021 CB Corey Collier Jr.

Additional Thoughts

Good to see FSU commits swinging through, especially Jeff and Zane. They will have their recruiting caps on all day.

Impressed with the OL list, Chris Morris (Stud 2020 OT) has to reschedule but he’ll be back later on this month.

Commit Watch? Josh Griffis, Jaiyon McCluster, Richie Leonard IV stick out to to me. Jaheim Bell and Jo’Qavious Marks could pull the trigger as well, as could Wideman. You always have to look out for an underclassmen to so keep that in mind.

Mississippi DT McKinnley Jackson keeps coming back. He’s fell in the rankings due to size concerns and consistency but Odell thrives on prospects like this.

David Kelly is one of the the best at what he does, the visits have been more consistent this year.

There’s almost always a surprise recruit that pops up at these events so this list will look even better on Sunday.

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