Ten Underrated Recruits on FSU’s Board

The spring evaluation period is when we start to see recruiting boards develop and recruits start to garner national attention. While this spring is a wash, there are still offers going out as schools adjust to the current sports climate. As that happens, recruiting services continue to evaluate and rate recruits based on what is shown on film. Today we look at ten recruits on Florida State’s board that are underrated. 

Recruiting rankings is an inexact science that typically follows the recruiting process and progresses as the season goes on. Usually, recruits will see their ratings adjusted as more offers come, spring improvements are made, and when 7-on-7 and summer camps happen. This cycle will be different, but at this time there are recruit ratings that have been released that were updated about a month ago. 

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Florida State has offered recruits based on their own evaluations, resulting in some of the recruits on the board that are not highly ranked according to national evaluators. This list contains our top 10 recruits on FSU’s board that are undervalued and underrated. Sure, not all of these recruits will end up at FSU, and that is not the intention here. We want to look at some of the targets that we feel are “better than advertised”. 

The one caveat is that we do take into consideration if FSU has a legitimate shot. For instance, we feel Katavius Geter Jr is one of the best running backs in the nation. His national ranking of 723rd is way off in our opinion. He is not considering FSU at this time so he is not on this list. Let’s dive into the list which is no particular order.

1. Jaden Alexis – Wide Receiver

National Ranking: 405th overall/65th rated receiver 

There are not a lot of receivers in the 2021 class that have Alexis’ size and speed combination. Timed at 10.7 in the 100 and 22.2 in the 200, the Pompano Beach standout shows both initial burst off the line as well as the long speed to either take short passes the distance or take the lid off of the defense with go routes. Alexis averaged 20 yards per catch and had one touchdown to every six receptions. Explosive, fast, and puts points on the board.

2. Andrew Jones – Inside Linebacker

National Ranking: 684th overall/27th rated inside linebacker

When you cut on the tape you see a tackling machine. Last year he had over 140 tackles, but what really stands out is his ability to diagnose a play and react to it right away. You don’t accumulate 42 tackles for loss in a season by not having great instincts. Jones has great range as a linebacker and is comfortable dropping into coverage when asked. He also is not afraid of contact – when he hits the ball carrier they normally go backward. Those traits are why FSU is recruiting Jones as an outside linebacker. 

3. Keon Coleman – Wide Receiver

National Ranking: 233rd overall/40th rated wide receiver

Is it a stretch to say a recruit ranked 233rd overall and a 4-star is underrated? Maybe, that is a good ranking and it is an honor to be that high. But, Coleman is a vastly underrated football player. Coleman is also being recruited as a basketball player. He is an elite athlete at this stage. We will not knock his knowledge of route running as hundreds of receivers on the high school level need to get better here. Coleman is an explosive playmaker as he had 22 touchdowns on only 35 catches as a junior, and he averaged nearly 33 yards per catch. Yes, you read those stats right! On top of that, he was able to pull down seven interceptions as a defensive back. Coleman is a top-flight athlete with production, and he projects to be a dominant player in college.

4. Jaylin White – Running Back

National Ranking: 287th overall/19th rated running back

Dothan, AL running back Jaylin White is another on this list that isn’t as underrated as the others on this list, but when looking at his position there aren’t 18 others in the country better. White needs to get bigger, but that should come once he is in a college strength and conditioning program. Jaylin has great vision and he doesn’t slow down in the hole when he needs to change direction. He runs well behind his pads and he will lower the boom on the defender. As a junior, he had 900 yards and 16 scores. 

5. Raheim Sanders – Athlete

National Ranking: 501st overall/41st rated athlete

“Rock” as he is called, is a true athlete and that may be why he is underrated. Some people may not know what position to evaluate him at. What he is is just a football player, and a good one at that. FSU is looking at Sanders as a wide receiver but more so an offensive weapon. When you watch his film you see an offensive player that plays in a college type system. He’s used out wide, in the slot, as a running back and in the wildcat. Sanders is a big body target that moves well for his size. He is able to make guys miss in close quarters and shows above-average long speed to take it the distance. 

6. Micah Pettus – Offensive Tackle

National Ranking: Not rated

At 6-foot-8, 320 pounds, Pettus is one of the biggest players in the 2021 class. As a junior, Pettus had 75 pancake blocks and gave up zero sacks or quarterback hurries. Pettus is coached by a former NFL player, and their focus has been working on Pettus’ stance and staying low. Pettus shows good feet for a player his size as he often pulls and lead blocks from the backfield on goal line situations. He’s mean, nasty and finishes off blocks with purpose. Pettus is a developmental talent with major upside – frankly like all high school linemen are. Fully developed tackles at the high school level are rare. 

7. De’Shawn Rucker – Safety

National Ranking: 592nd overall/40th rated safety

We like speed, and Rucker has it in droves. He recently posted a personal best time of 10.76 in the 100 meter, and has made the state championship in the long jump. The explosiveness is there and it pops out on film. Speed is a big part of Rucker’s game but he is tough and has traditional safety skills. He’s comfortable playing center field and is able to get from one side of the field to the other to make a play on the ball. He is physical enough to play in the box and fight through blocks to make the tackle. He does a really good job of recognizing plays and comes downhill with bad intentions. 40th best safety in the nation? Not sure there are ten better. 

8. Ricky Parks – Running Back

National Ranking: 353rd overall/24th rated running back

Fun fact – when a recruit has an eleven-minute long highlight on Hudl, more than likely you’re about to watch a highly productive player. Parks is a 1,000-yard rusher with the ability to take hit pay dirt if he gets outside. Another track guy, Parks runs 11.3 in the 100 and 23.3 in the 200, so there is plenty of long speed. His speed correlates to the football field. He hits the edge, he is gone. Parks also shows patience as an inside runner. Usually the first guy misses, and he flashes a solid stiff-arm. Parks is also very comfortable catching the ball out of the backfield. 

9. Zyun Reeves – Defensive End

National Ranking: 650th overall/31st rated defensive end

Reeves is relatively new to the game of football and is a former basketball player. Watching Reeves, you see a lot to like. First, he is a massive prospect at 6-foot-7, 245 pounds. He is very nimble for a player that big. Second, Reeves has a very good motor. He is primarily a stand-up end, so he will need to work on coming out of a 3 point stance on the next level. Reeves does a really good job on backside pursuit and doesn’t give up on the play. He uses his reach well to catch the ball carrier or tip the pass from the quarterback. There are areas Reeves needs to work on like being more physical and anchoring, but he is also asked to rush the passer. Rankings are about projections of players and Reeves is undervalued at this time.

10 Jakiah Leftwich – Offensive Tackle

National Ranking: 654th overall/57th rated offensive tackle

Another tackle with great size at 6-foot-6, 300 pounds. Leftwich is more advanced than Pettus at this stage. What is confusing is that when there is high value placed on athletic left tackles, why is Jakiah rated so low? He has relatively good bend for his size, explodes out of his stance, and finishes blocks. He uses his reach and hands well, and his punch is pretty good. I am big on linemen who look to annihilate the defender and there are numerous times the guy Leftwich is blocking is eating dirt. Footwork, check. Toughness, check. He’s far from a finished product. At the same time, there’s not 56 better. 

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