Tracking Florida State’s Progress in the SP+ Rankings: Week One

Another season means another dive into advanced metrics to see how Florida State stacks up against its competition.

ESPN’s Bill Connelly has become one of the gold standards in terms of this with his weekly SP+ ratings. According to Connelly, “They are based on the same factors as the February projections — returning production, recent history and recruiting — and they are updated for all transfers and opt-outs”

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Connelly also takes garbage time, strength of opponents, and other factors into consideration in an attempt to avoid skewing the ratings as much as possible.

With that said, here is where Florida State stands after its loss to Georgia Tech.

Overall: 32nd (out of 77)
Offense: 34th
Defense: 30th
Special Teams: 19th

In his most recent update this week, only 77 teams are accounted for so these ratings will shift even further once the SEC and Big 10 enter the discussion.

The Seminoles will have a chance to improve their stock next week when they travel to Miami who currently ranks 12th overall in this week’s SP+.

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