VIDEO: Is Levonta Taylor the next Greg Reid?

Levonta Taylor is an incoming 5-star recruit who should make an immediate impact for the ‘Noles. The cornerback has blazing speed and is not afraid to lay a hit. However, his presence might be felt the most next year on special teams as a return man. In high school, Taylor was a natural returner and showed great vision. Those skills should transfer smoothly to the college level, and many expect him to take over punt return duties next year for FSU. Taylor could have a similar impact that UF wide receiver Antonio Callaway had in 2015 as a punt returner. As a true freshman, Callaway averaged 15.0 yards per return and notched two scores. However, there may be a better comparison for Taylor. Former ‘Nole standout Greg Reid was a viscous defender and a phenomenal return man. Reid only played two years for FSU, but he did a lot in those two years. Florida State fans have been begging for a return man of Reid’s ability ever since he departed. Well, their wish just might come true this fall in Levonta Taylor. First take a look at Greg Reid’s highlights, and then Taylor’s. While there are fundamental differences in their style of play, there’s no denying the talent each of them bring as a returner. Florida State fans should be excited about Taylor’s future.


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