Viewing Schedule: FSU’s Future Opponents

Future editions off this weekly article will be a little bit more resourceful once teams start getting into their conference schedules and I don’t have to try to make a game against an FCS cupcake sound interesting; however, I trudge onward.

#11 Ole Miss:

We’ve had a daily twitter countdown for hundreds of days.  Monday Night.  ESPN. 8pm. Orlando. ‘Nuff said.

Charleston Southern:

Charleston Southern, Florida State’s next opponent, took a tough overtime loss to the 5-time reigning FCS Champs — North Dakota State.  This means that FSU might get a little more than they bargained for from their only FCS opponent.  That being said, FSU should still handle Charleston Southern with some degree of ease, and hopefully keep their front seven healthy.

#19 Louisville:

Louisville takes on UNC Charlotte on Thursday night at home at 7pm.  This game will be broadcasted on ACCN.  This game gives fans a chance to check out the highly regarded Lamar Jackson in his second year under center.  However, don’t read to much into his stats as they will likely be inflated, considering Louisville is favored by 38 points and is given a 99% chance to win by ESPN’s Football Power Index.

South Florida:

USF takes on FCS Towson in their season opener.  This game is will be played Saturday night at 7pm in Tampa.  You can watch the game on ESPN3.  Even though Towson ended the 2015 season by winning 5 out of their last 6 games, look for this young but experienced USF team to trounce the Tigers.

#22 North Carolina:

Unlike most of the other games this week, some would consider this game a must-watch for FSU fans.  This is a great chance to see how well UNC defends the run, as they will be taking on Nick Chubb and Georgia on Saturday at 5:30pm in the Georgia Dome.  The game will be broadcasted on ESPN.  UNC, along with FSU, will need a W if the ACC wants to sweep the SEC in week one.

Miami (FL):

Miami plays the Florida A&M Rattlers on Saturday at 6pm. The game will be broadcasted on ACCN.  Once again, not too much to see here, as Miami will likely roll to a big victory.

Wake Forest:

Wake Forest takes on Tulane in their home opener at 7pm on Thursday night. The game will be broadcasted on ACCN. The Demon Deacons are favored by 16 points but the weather may make this game interesting, as rain is expected in Winston-Salem.

#2 Clemson:

Clemson opens their 2016 campaign with a tough(ish) road challenge against unranked Auburn.  Oddly enough, the Auburn faithful have called for an orange-out.  (Yes, orange is Clemson’s primary color. No, I don’t understand it either.)  We, as a country, already know what Clemson’s offense can do, however it will be interesting to see how all the new faces on the Clemson defense play in their first career start.  It will also be interesting to see how Gus Malzahn’s offense will be run under a primarily pocket-passing quarterback in Shaun White. The game will be broadcasted on ESPN at 9pm.

North Carolina State:

NC State starts their season at home against the College of William & Mary on Thursday night at 7:30pm.  The game will be broadcasted on ACCN Extra.  NC State, like a lot of FSU’s future opponents, opens up with a cupcake FCS game and should start their season off nicely.

Boston College:

Boston College plays perhaps the most interesting first game out of all of FSU’s future opponents. The Eagles take on Georgia Tech in Dublin, Ireland at 7:30 am(!).  The game will be broadcasted on ESPN2.  This is a must watch simply because it’s college football history in the making.


‘Cuse also opens their season with an FCS team.  They play the Colgate Raiders at home this Friday at 7:30 pm.  And while Colgate is a great FCS program, ESPN’s Football Power Index gives Syracuse a 97.4% chance to win, and you shouldn’t expect any other outcome.

#25 Florida:

Last but not least, the Gators.  Unlike seemingly the rest of FSU’s future opponents, UF doesn’t open the season up with an FCS team.  However, they do open up with one of the worst teams in the FBS: UMass.  Accordingly, Florida is a 36 point favorite.  This game will be played in the Swamp at 7:30 pm and broadcasted on SECN.



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