WATCH: Florida State Named ACC Champion, ACC Tournament Canceled

Amid the COVID-19 issue across the United States that has seen two NBA players contract the virus, the Atlantic Coast Conference canceled their annual men’s basketball tournament and named Florida State the conference champion.

This is not how FSU wanted to be named ACC tournament champion, you could see that in their faces. Coach Hamilton accepted this humbly and professionally like we knew he would, but there is absolutely disappointment throughout the team.

We are still waiting to figure out what will happen as far as the NCAA Tournament, but there is hope that it will just be delayed until further notice, before picking it up in late April/May.

Below is a video I took of ACC Commissioner John Swofford addressing the few in attendance about canceling the remainder of the tournament, the coronavirus, as well as Florida State receiving the Atlantic Coast Conference Championship trophy.

For those that just want to see Swofford talk about Florida State and them being handed the trophy, start at 3:27. I apologize for the video quality being a little bad, but I wasn’t expecting Florida State to be named conference champion today.

It’s so unbelievable to see a team so unhappy to win a championship in an arena where there was maybe 300-400 people that usually seats 23,000. Trent Forrest didn’t even want to take the trophy, but the conference does have to name a winner in the event the NCAA Tournament does still happen.

We will keep you updated as we know more about the NCAA Tournament, but Duke and Kansas have already suspended all athletics play until further notice. I will be expecting some announcement about a postponement in the very near future.

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