WATCH: FSU DE Josh Griffis is putting in work

With Florida State football sidelined due to the coronavirus, we’ve seen the Seminoles get creative to continue working to improve off the field. On Tuesday, FSU defensive end and early enrollee Josh Griffis took to Twitter to show off some of the work he was putting in. Griffis went through a series of lifts, including squats and bench press. You can watch the videos below, his strength is certainly impressive.

Griffis has a strong upper-body that seems to have only improved since starting at Florida State in January. One area of his body you’d like to see him add some mass to is his lower-body. Griffis weighed in at 258-pounds according to his Twitter on Saturday, but he needs to keep building his base.

A sizable amount of Seminoles have posted videos on social media of them working out. Guys in their garages, running cones, pulling trucks, and the like. It’s certainly not ideal, you’d love to have them getting their normal strength and conditioning training under Josh Storms each day, but you have to work with what you can do right now. To me, this just shows that the players are buying into what this staff is saying and despite not necessarily being around them every day during this time, they’re still grinding to get better.

Often times when these videos go up, Storms, other strength coaches, and assistant coaches are chiming in to offer words of encouragement and motivation. It’s the little things that separate the good from the elite, buying in is one of those little things. Hopefully, things will get back to normal sooner than later and the Seminoles can get back to working out together as a team.

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