Week 1 Bold Prediction: Deondre Francois will throw for 350 yards and three touchdowns

Prediction: Deondre Francois will throw for 350 yards with three touchdowns.

Why it’s bold: Francois is coming off a season-ending injury (torn patellar tendon) from game one against Alabama last year. He has a lot to bounce back from and prove to everyone why he deserves the starting job at quarterback. In his career at Florida State, he only has two games with over 350 yards. Of the two, one came in his first start ever in the 2016 season opener against Ole Miss.

Why I believe it will happen: Redemption is what Francois is looking for. He was out all of last year except for three and a half quarters against the team who would later become the National Champions of college football. Before then, Francois had a stellar freshman year where he finished with 3350 yards and 20 touchdowns. In the game against Alabama, he threw for only 210 yards and one touchdown before leaving the game with an injury. I believe he will produce even more in this year’s season opener against Virginia Tech.

The wide receiver corps in recent years at Florida State have been less than exciting. That will change this year. With Willie Taggart’s gulf coast offense, you can expect the receivers will be used more diligently and will be looking for more of those one-on-one encounters. Leading this 2018 team’s wide receiving corps are players such as Keith Gavin, Nyqwan Murray, DJ Matthews, and Ontaria Wilson. This also includes a group of freshmen, specifically Tre’Shaun Harrison, Keyshawn Helton and Warren Thompson that will soon make their names well-known among Seminole fans. This group has a lot to prove, and I believe that on Monday night in primetime against Virginia Tech, Francois will be using a variety of these players to Florida State’s advantage.

Where we’ve seen it happen before: 

Francois has a type of toughness that is well-respected among his teammates and coaches. He is the guy you want in at quarterback when you are down in the final minutes of a game. One of the most impressive performances from Francois was when this happened against Michigan in the 2016 Orange Bowl:

The ‘Noles were down by three with under two minutes on the clock. After Keith Gavin’s huge run up the middle, Francois then throws a pass to Dalvin Cook who rushes for the first down. Then, with under 45 seconds left in the game, Francois throws to Nyqwan Murray for the game-winning touchdown, all while keeping excellent composure, despite the circumstances.

Deondre Francois knows how to control a game, keep his teammates leveled, and shine in the toughest of moments. If anyone is excited for this season opener, it’s him. This time last year we were reporting about his season being over. Now, we are ready to see just how resilient Francois will be. It’s a big game for the Orlando native and the Seminoles come Monday night against the Virginia Tech Hokies. You can expect to see a huge performance from Francois with his 35o yards and three touchdowns.

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