When can Florida State fans expect a new head coach to be named?

Florida State’s coaching search is on day 16 as of Tuesday evening and fans shouldn’t expect a hire to be made anytime soon.

Reports that Bob Stoops would be Florida State’s next head coach began surfacing just a day after Willie Taggart was fired. As the week went on, Florida State officials were very optimistic they would get a deal done but Stoops never pulled the trigger and the Seminoles moved on.

Of the top candidates still on the board, all of them are currently employed at other schools, most of who have at least two more weeks before their regular season ends. And that’s not counting possible conference championship games or a playoff appearance.

While things seem stagnant on the surface, there are plenty of moves being made behind the scenes. Florida State officials to include DHR International, the firm hired to help assist in identifying candidates have been meeting with representatives of multiple candidates dating back to their negations with Stoops according to multiple reports.

With that, it’s obvious why a candidate currently coaching elsewhere would not want a flood of rumors attaching their names to the Florida State job with so little certainty.

The one realistic wildcard remains interim coach Odell Haggins. He is the one current candidate that Florida State could in theory name as their new head coach before the end of the season. Josh Newberg of Noles247 reported that Haggins officially interviewed for the job on Sunday and things seemingly went very well.

Haggins is currently 4-0 as the Tribe’s interim head coach dating back to last year, though none of those wins raise an eyebrow. That could change next Saturday when Florida State takes on Florida in Gainesville. A win there would certainly go a long way for Haggins’ hopes to earn the position on a permanent basis.

President Thrasher could announce Haggins’ as their new head coach before that game but that puts a doomsday scenario into play. The worst thing that could happen is for Thrasher to make an announcement on Haggins only to see the Seminoles get blown out in his first official game.

Thrasher, a career politician is much more calculated than that and I just can’t see that scenario playing out.

As of now, the most likely plan is to gauge interests from as many candidates as possible between now and the Florida game, narrow those down to a few select names and plan to conduct multiple interviews at a neutral location the Sunday following the Florida game.

In that scenario, all legitimate candidates would have been fully vetted at that point allowing President Thrasher, Athletic Director Coburn and BOT chair Ed Burr to make an educated decision. From there, it could be anywhere from 24-72 hours before an official announcement is made as a most likely scenario.

So sit back, relax and try not to get too high or too low based on what you read or hear as this will continue to be a fluid situation for the next 10-14 days before this thing begins to finally get wrapped up. Until then, it’s simply too early to expect anything definitively.

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